Monthly Archive: October, 2012

woodkid keeps me alive.

  woodkid. one of my favourite musicians ever ! his music puts me into good mood immediately. i really admire him. he is doing such a great job. below you can see his… Continue reading

(almost) everyday donut hair.

  hello lovely people :) i would like to show you how i do my hair (almost) everyday since few weeks. i discovered this something at h&m recently and i fell in love… Continue reading

tropfest festival.

hello my lovely readers. have you ever heard about Tropfest Festival ? it is the world’s largest short film festival. below you can see my favourite mini movie from Tropfest Festival 2012 ! it is called… Continue reading

the hat.

hello beautiful people ! so today i would like to introduce you my new hat. it really wasn’t expensive. in H&M you can buy it for 12 euro :) really worth every cent… Continue reading