(xmas time in the shopping mall)

it’s been a while since i’ve been here the last time. i know. but i decided to give my blog one more shot. i will now start posting more. at least i hope so. this time it’s gonna work. i promise.

now, here i am with a few pics from the time i was away from here. hope you will like this post. and the next ones are going to be outfits :)

stay warm ! winter is coming !


999415_679591112060523_425630821_n(me in my fave city. vienna.)

1479081_716532015024301_781370855_n(my friend and me. getting ready and silly at the evening)

2013-10-12 23.37.11blogg(my current beauty routine)

IMG_8058(vintage. beautiful.)

IMG_8189(one more selfie)

IMG_8074(COTTON CANDY !!! aww. best thing on earth)

IMG_8013(black. faves.)

IMG_8270[1](baby it’s cold outside)

more better posts are yet to come.

stay tuned

lot’s of love. x