inspiring video.


break down. how many of us felt like the worthless person on the earth ? yep. i had the same.

i was always a huge fan of lea’s michele voice. she is so gifted. when i first heard her new single i was thinking: lord, this is the saddest sing i’ve ever heard. but then i thought: wait a minute. no ! this is a song about finding a new way in life. and that’s what important to me. no matter how bad our situation is right now, we can always change it. we can wake up tomorrow, look in the mirror and say: hey you. today it’s gonna be a good day. i will change something. remember that even if you are sad, scared, pissed, you can always stand up and look for a light in the tunnel.

if you haven’t heard it yet: here you are new lea’s michele song



have a nice day, and make a change in your life. you will never regret it ! x