so random.

hello my dear readers :) today quick post with random pics. i love saving pictures on my computer found in the Net. it just gives me inspiration. enjoy   below few pics of… Continue reading

amazing videos.

i can’t describe how inspiring for me are fashion videos. pure beauty. pure perfection. first my favourite is Lolita Lempicka clip. i love the music in here. directed by amazing Woodkid <3 the… Continue reading

the big love: COS.

sorry for the slowdown in updates ! been really busy the last couple of days :( today i would like to show you guys my totally MUST HAVIES for the autumn which is unfortunately… Continue reading

the quick post: nails.

hi everyone.  because of my studies and everything i have to care about i totally forgot about adding a new post. today i bought “matte top coat” at hm and i have to… Continue reading

on their way to me.

so today i finally had some free time. i decided to order few things from i took the last sale opportunity to get some basics. what do you think about my picks ?… Continue reading

transparent shirt.

pics from today. transparent shirt + jeans shorts. simple. to hide my body from people on the street i decided to wear military vest. but, in the same time i didn’t want to… Continue reading